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A Special Statement – June 2, 2020

Endurance sport represents some of the best of what it is to be human. As ambassadors for our sport and our community, we strive as a club to be welcoming to everyone regardless of race, creed, orientation, ability, gender identity, or any other characteristic beyond a passion for endurance sport.

We condemn the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, David McAtee and countless others, and the systematic unequal treatment of people of color in our society. We vow to ask ourselves how we can be part of the solution rather than part of the problem, and to act on that self-reflection as individuals and as a club. We stand with people of color and all those people who seek a more just world.

Welcome to the home of the Hawkeye Endurance Athletics Team–the HEAT.


We are a family and beginner friendly group of athletic people that welcomes members from those who simply want to meet a new group of friends to the serious athletes who want help improving their skills up to an elite level. We focus on triathlon, but have members that are interested in all types of endurance sports. Running, road cycling, gravel biking, swimming–we do it all. If you’re a beginner who’d like to get involved by aiming for your first triathlon, contact us about our Try-A-Tri program.

We mainly use Slack to communicate with our members, but the community can join us there for free. Ask us for an invite to Slack if you are interested! We have also collected some information here for new and experienced athletes, including places to workout in the Iowa City/Coralville area, training plans and news, some of our race results, and articles about a variety of experiences written by our members.

We also like to have a good time, so we like to organize and participate in many social activities as well. We try our best to plan engaging events that everyone will find useful no matter what their athletic goals may be. You can check out our calendar to see where we’ll be.


If you’d like to join our team, or just find out more information, please contact us.


  • $50 annual membership fee, with a $15 gift/credit when you join/renew.
  • Family rates for multiple members.
  • Discounts and benefits at our sponsor businesses.