2019 Holiday Party Recap

Holiday Party Waving Goodbye

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, members, and friends, our 2019 Holiday Party was a night to remember.

Holiday Party 2019
Lucky’s Market – We’ll miss you guys 🙁

It was our first event held at Lucky’s Market in Iowa City, and the venue was absolutely perfect. (Unfortunately, we learned only a few weeks later that Lucky’s will be closing later this year…we don’t think we had anything to do with that decision. But we’ll sadly have to look for another venue next year. Thanks to the staff at Lucky’s for the great night, food, and beer.)

Our annual silent auction was capped by several items generously donated by sponsors. Eric for example scored one of the many gift cards donated by Heartland Soles. Lucy walked away (to the jealousy of many) with the Wahoo Kickr Snap, donated by Sugar Bottom Bikes.

Wahoo Trainer Winner
Smart Trainer Goodness, thanks to Sugar Bottom Bikes

But it was a night for smart trainers, and one of our Toms walked away with the Kinetic Road Machine smart trainer, donated by World of Bikes. Next up, Tour de Zwift!

Kinetic Road Machine
Everyone wants power!


Lucky’s was firing out pizzas and food trays the whole time, but we knew it wouldn’t be a complete night without a reappearance of the World of Bikes Trainer Blender. Only this time, we put our wattage towards the cause of milkshakes!

Trainer blender milkshakes
Sure kids, you can have dessert…if you work for it.

The Holiday Party never fails to disappoint (even with last year’s neighborhood power outage right in the middle). In the cold of winter training months, it’s good for everyone to get out of their pain caves and gather together for a night of camaraderie, bragging, and anticipation of the upcoming season. Thanks to all, and we can’t wait to see you all out on the roads, tracks, trails, pools, and lakes 🙂

Holiday Party Waving Goodbye
What a happy looking group 🙂