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About us: Hawkeye Endurance Athletics Team

We are the Hawkeye Endurance Athletics Team (Iowa HEAT)

In 2010, a group of like-minded athletes got together and decided it was time for a dedicated multi-sport athletics team in the Iowa City Area. Many of us were triathletes, but everyone wanted to create a team that was dedicated to many athletics related activities, not solely triathlons. So we have created a team focused on endurance athletics of all types (however, our core focus remains on triathlon related activities). We also like to have a good time, so we like to organize and participate in many social activities as well. We are a family and beginner friendly group that welcomes members from those who simply want to meet a new group of friends to the serious athletes who want help improving their skills up to an elite level. We try our best to plan engaging events that everyone will find useful no matter what their goals may be.

Our mission is simple:

Providing a multi-sport club that promotes healthy and active lifestyles for the Iowa corridor community.

How we will achieve this:

  • Participation in local endurance athletics challenges and activities.
  • Supporting local, independent businesses whenever possible.
  • Encouraging environmentally friendly, sustainable behavior to ensure our practice facilities (the great outdoors) can survive and flourish in the years to come

So check out our calendar and come to one of our upcoming events! We are very welcoming, we even have a beginner integration committee to ensure we are doing all we can to make new members feel comfortable. Just introduce yourself to one of our veteran members and someone will tell you all about what you can expect out of us and why you will enjoy joining our team. Happy training and hope to see you out on the road!

- the Iowa HEAT Captains