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Training Guides

Swimming Workout Routine--

Couch to 5K running plan--

Injury Prevention

As with any athletic sport, injuries are a part of the game. In order to keep yourself healthy and in top-shape at all times, it is important to dedicate some of your workout time to proper stretching and strengthening exercises that reduce muscle imbalances. Our own member, Brian Fitzpatrick, runs a Chiropractic Clinic in Solon and has first hand experience with these types of exercises. Please contact him for any additional help or questions about these instructions:
Instructions for stretches and exercises

Swim Clinic Handout

The below link is to a document containing information on swim gear, terms, and helpful websites. It also contains a link to a Swim Clinic eBook pdf with descriptions and videos of some of the drills we went over at the clinic and some additional ones. I would highly recommend reading through this and watching the imbedded videos. Contact Daniela with questions.
Swim Clinic Handout