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Practice Incentive Program

The following incentive program is valid for 2012

Purpose: To utilize the wealth of experience the team possesses, while recognizing the time commitment necessary to run a practice.

Incentive: Free membership renewal (or membership reimbursement for special cases approved by the BOD) valued at $50.

Requirement: Must host 10 practices during a calendar year (Jan-Dec) that meet the following guidelines.

  1. All practices must first be approved by the Practice Committee. Only the general concept is needed for approval, not the specific routines (i.e. I'd like to host a ride every other Tuesday morning at 6 am from WOB. About 10-15 miles.)
  2. Practices must have a regular interval (i.e. Weekly, Monthly). In the case of poor or no attendance, you must still host the practice and you will still get credit for them. If 3 occurrences of poor or no attendance are reported, then you can request a change of location, time, or overall cancellation.
  3. All practices must be scheduled on the website calendar at least 2 weeks in advance.
  4. Host must create a workout regiment or route map and post it to the Practices Forum at least 3 days in advance. A meeting place should be designated and posted with the regiment. For outdoor practices, host should provide a contact phone number in case of weather cancellations, etc.
  5. On site take attendance and post it (including host) to the forum within 1 week after.
  6. For outdoor runs/rides print at least 1 copy of the route. Host must remain with or behind the slowest participant.
  7. Practices should be held in locations that are easily accessible, not overly crowded, and have daily usage fees of $5 or less (some exceptions will be made for CRWC which has a $7 daily fee).

Rotating Hosts: There can only be one designated host per practice. Hosts may alternate or rotate as long as each adheres to the guidelines. Coordinating this will be the responsibility of the practice hosts and does not require board approval. Be sure to record the host on the attendance posting.

Substitutions: When possible, a host should make an effort to locate a substitute team member in the event they can not attend the practice due to illness, schedule conflicts, etc. The substitute will be given the credit for hosting as long as they post the attendance (entering their name as host) on the Practices Forum.

Cancellations: Host should attempt to communicate cancellations when possible by posting an update to the forum post, calling/emailing regularly attending members, etc. No incentive credits will be issued for cancellations.