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Team communication

Steve's picture

Very shortly, all of our paid team members of 2015 should get an invitation to use Slack ( For those of you that know Slack, you should be familiar with joining a new Team. If this is new to you, please give it an honest try (including installing the smartphone app if you can). Also, any non-paid members that want to join just send a request to until we have an automated setup for joining.

It may seem like we are even further complicating our team communication at first blush, but actually the opposite. The goal of the Slack Team is to eventually replace several components with one system. We have been discussing slimming down the website and forums, dropping the Facebook closed group, and relying on slack and facebook for most everything. We will only undertake this effort if everyone decides Slack is a good fit.

The board has been using Slack for a month and mostly enjoys it so far. It certainly has increased our communication and IMO made us more productive. So hopefully this will also help to strength the bonds we have as teammates and keep Iowa HEAT improving into 2016 and beyond. Please let anyone on the Board know if you have any concerns or questions.