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Is it Spring yet?

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Hello everyone! With the weather warming up I bet most everyone is starting to think about the summer and triathlons (I know I am). Here are a few Iowa HEAT announcements to keep you looking forward to the warmer weather:

  • HEAT Winter Challenge
    We dug deep, put in the miles, and kept up the motivation this winter. The HEAT Winter Challenge was a success with over a quarter of our members participating, and some very impressive results from everyone! See the winners on the main HWC page, and be sure to congratulate the winners when you train with them next.
  • Membership meeting
    Our next membership meeting will be Thursday April 23rd, at 7:00pm in the Schwab Auditorium of the Coralville Library. We want to discuss some ideas for a future focus of the team, so the discussion should be very useful to all members. Please try to make it.
  • Camp Courageous Relay 2015
    We have learned that this summer's Camp Courageous Triathlon has a registered team that includes Scott Schulte from Z102.9 radio. We have decided to challenge that team to an epic battle. See the challenge letter here and email if you would like to be a part of the (winning) HEAT relay team.
  • Practices
    Things are starting to warm, and we are getting more light, so our indoor spin practices have all but officially been canceled. We still have use of these rooms at the same times, and feel free to take advantage of that! After this month, contact us if you'd like to use the Performance spin room at any point.
  • 2015 Official Races
    Check out the Official 2015 Race Schedule. We want to be sure to make our presence known at these races including bringing the tent and hosting after events so be sure to sign up for these races now if you are on the fence about them previously!
  • Renewals
    If you are a renewing member for 2015, remember to get your dues paid by the end of the month. I will be sending out separate emails about this shortly. Contact if you feel you receive one of these emails in error. Also, we are having a few blips with the online payments, so it might be best to just send a check to a Board member, or contact us if you are having problems.

I think that is all for now. I hope to see all of you soon, it's been way too long for some!
Happy training,