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Membership meeting

Date and Time of this Event: 
Thu, 04/23/2015 - 7:00pm - 8:30pm

This spring we are holding our first membership meeting of the 2015 season on Thursday April 23rd. This meeting is open to the public but we'd really love current and former members to attend if possible so we can get feedback on the direction for Iowa HEAT in 2015.


  • Membership packets
    We will have the membership packets ready for all new and renewed 2015 members. If they are not picked up at the meeting, we will mail them out shortly after the meeting.
  • Mentorship program
    This is the exciting part! We would like to discuss an idea that the Board of Directors is proposing to give our club a community focus. If everyone is onboard, we will be initiating a mentorship program for new triathletes this summer. We have some ideas about logistics and how to promote this concept, but need a lot of feedback (and hopefully "buy-in") from the rest of our club. We are excited to present our idea to the group so try to show up for this if you can!
  • HEAT awareness Day
    We would like to ask our members help in getting HEAT noticed in 2015. We potentially would like to organize a day where we all use social media and wear our HEAT gear to promote the club as a coordinated, distributed effort for the Iowa City area!
  • Group Practices
    Open discussion about what people would like to see us put our efforts into organizing (outside of the other regularly scheduled workouts of our partners and other local groups).
  • HEAT Gear
    Joel will bring all of the available gear for purchase and we will survey the group to see if when we should order some new pieces that people would like to purchase.

The meeting is on a Thursday but otherwise the same place and time as usual, 7pm at the Coralville Library Schwab Auditorium.