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HWC and 2015 memberships

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The HEAT Winter Challenge has ended. Now we just need winter to end so we can all start meeting up for outdoor workouts again!

You will have until the end of this Sunday (Mar 9th) to enter your miles into the mileage log, we will then be closing the log and announcing the winners. Winners will get some HEAT gear to pick from, and of course the pride and respect of their teammates :) In order to collect the prizes, your 2015 dues will need to be paid. If you haven't yet renewed, you can either get a check to any member on the Board of Directors, or head to the online form and register online with a credit card. I apologize, but the online form is requiring an additional account so you will have to sign in to your Iowa HEAT account first, and then create a RaceReach account second, before you can pay online.

We are requesting that everyone renews their memberships by the end of March, but we will send plenty of annoying reminders before we cut off anyone's access. Thanks so much for being a part of the team, we have some big plans for this year (keep your eyes open for some emails with details about this)!

Happy (almost) Spring Training!