Join us for the Iowa HEAT’s First Annual Taco Ride!


When: Saturday, October 13th, 11am-? (2? 3? 4?)
What: Taco Ride–a 25-28 mile no drop tour through North Liberty, Coralville, and Iowa City, stopping at four restaurants along the way for tacos, and three of our wonderful sponsors.
Why: Because fun, community, tacos, and prizes.
WHO: Anyone who wants to come along. Club members and non-members alike.
What else: This ride is also a Poker Ride. We will be collecting cards at each stop (1 per stop, and 1 card per taco consumed). The folks with the best poker hands at the end of the day will win prizes.
What else else: We will also hold a team meeting at Fuzzy’s (our final stop) after the ride. We’ll be talking about board of director elections, as well as a few other issues. If you cannot attend the ride but want to come to the meeting, feel free. Fuzzy’s has tacos and beer and a lot of room for us.


Start: Fuzzy’s in Coralville. No tacos yet, just starting the ride. *11am*
Stop 1: Adelitas in North Liberty for *first tacos!*
Stop 2: Walk two doors down from Adelitas to stop in and say hi to our friends and sponsors at WeRun!
Stop 3: El Cactus in Coralville for *second tacos!*
Stop 4: El Paso in Iowa City for *third tacos!*
Stop 5: World of Bikes, our 2nd sponsor. This is also a Margarita Stop! We’ll be blending our own margaritas with the power of bicycling!
Stop 6: Heartland Soles in Coralville for our final sponsor stop.
Stop 7: Back to Fuzzy’s for final tacos, beverages, chatting, prizes, and a team meeting.




Sprint Segment: Halfway between Stops 3 and 4 there will be an optional 1 mile handicapped sprint race for anyone willing to take part. Prizes and/or bragging rights will be awarded for the first to cross the line. Racers will start the 1 mile race based on their expected finish time–slower riders will start first, faster riders will start with delays. First to cross the finish line wins.



This is a no-drop ride, and anyone and everyone (non-members as well) are welcome to attend. So invite your bike-riding friends for a few hours of fun.

We will be talking about a few important team issues at the meeting afterwards, including upcoming Board of Directors Elections. Anyone not able to make the ride is encouraged to meet us at Fuzzy’s afterwards for this meeting. Won’t be long.

Contact us if you have any questions.